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Question: i just need part 2 answered the picture shows this...

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I just need part 2 answered. The picture shows this cell is going through metaphase. How can you determine if it is undergoing mitosis or meiosis? Also, I have gotten two different responses about whether you can tell a difference if it was going either mitosis or meiosis. One person said yes, one person said no. Can someone clarify?

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Part 1 Look at the immunohistochemical fluorescent tagged picture below. In this preparation multiple proteins were tagged using antibodies or chemicals that were conjugated to fluorescent tags. The blue stain is DAPI which binds to adenosine/tyrosine rich areas of DNA. The green stain identifies microtubules. You will notice that unlike H and E preparations you cant see any other structures within the cell. Adjacent to the cell of interest there are multiple nuclei visible which show diffuse and unorganized DNA. What stage of cell division would you predict the center cell to be in? Justify your answer. Part 2: In the image we examined stages of cell division. Would you expect these to look different if these cells were undergoing meiosis versus mitosis? Why, or why not? What differences would you predict in the daughter cells of mitosis versus the daughter cells of meiosis?
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