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Question: i meed the answers for the efficiency the four part...

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I meed the answers for the efficiency the four part of them please and thank you.

As the Cottrell Bicycle Co. of St. Louis completes plans for its new assembly line, it identfies 25 different tasks in the production process. VP of Operations Jonathan Cottrell now faces the job of balancing the line. He lists precedences and provides time estimates for each step based on work-sampling techniques. His goal is to produce 1,000 bicycles per 40-hour workweek Time 86 45 Task Time seci Precedence Tasks Task ЕЗ D6 D7 08 D9 C1 B3 85 37 A1 138 39 72 F3 F4 F9, E2, E3 E3, D6 D6 F7 D7, D8, D9, C1 C1 B3 K32 KE3ael recedence Tosk JI 37 58 71 K4, K9 K9, J1 21 G5 F3 F4 18 73 96 85 B7, A1, A2 J3 АЗ F9 E2 126 41 G5, F3
Balance this operation, using various heuristics. Fill in the summary table below (enter number of workstations as a whole number and efficiency rounded to two decimal places) sae4itNumber of Algorithm Fewest bolowing taskWorkstations Eficiency Fewest following tasks Longest operation time Most following tasks Ranked positional weight Shortest operation time □ □%
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