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pseudocode version UF comments in your code. 6. Exercises 6, 7, and 8 ask you to specify methods for the ADT bag that retuml tie unOl l lon difrerence of two bags. Define each of these methods independently of the bags implementat (Gaming) Design an ADT for a one-person guessing game that chooses n random inte from I to m and asks the user to only ADT bag operations. in the r guess them. The same integer might be chosen more than on ple, the game might choose the following four integers that range from 1 to 10: 4, 6, 1,6. The following interaction could occur between the user and the game, after the user has specif Ealrr incgers internge om Ito 10 that have been selected: integers m and n 1234 2 of your guesses are correct. Guess again. Enter your guesses for the 4 integers in the range from 1 to 10 that have been selected: 2468 2 of your guesses are correct. Guess again. 1466 You are correct! Play again? No Good-bye! Gaming) A system of caves is a group of interconnected underground tunnels. Two, and only tw can intersect to form a cave. Design an ADT cave and an AnTI need #7

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