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I need a clear handwriting please.

An industrial process discharges 5,700 m/min of gaseous products at 480K, 100 kPa. The figure below shows a proposed system for utilizing the combustion products and its steady state conditions. Heat transfer from the outer surface of the steam generator (heat exchanger) and turbine can be ignored, as can the changes in kinetic and potential energies of the streams. There is no pressure drop through the heat exchanger. The combustion product can be modeled as air as an ideal gas Determine: a) The turbine inlet temperature, Ta b) the power developed by the turbine; and c) the rates of entropy generation in the heat exchanger and turbine, each in kW/K Combustion products in P 100 kPa T480 K (AV) 5700 m-/min Power out P4 300 Combustion products out P2 100 kPa T,-400 K Steam generator 3l Water in P3 300 kPa Тз 40°C ms 120 kg/min Water out Ps-5 kPa xs* 97%
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