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Question: i need ab edr like the picture i attched and...

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I need ab EDR like the picture I attched and an explanation as well
Homework Assignment #1 MSIS 3333 Remember to make a copy for yourself and one to turn in. 1. Students have a CWID (unique), name and year (like freshman). Some (not all) students tutor other students. A student may have only one tutor or no tutor at all. 2. Just like #2, but students sometimes have several tutors. 3. Lumberjacks use many chainsaws and of course have at least one chainsaw. Lumberjacks have a unique name, a height and an ox color. Chainsaws have a number of teeth and a horsepower rating. Not all chainsaws are owned but nobody shares a chainsaw.
Receiving Supplier PK.I K1 | SupplierlD bo-- 州PK | SupplierlD PK.FK2 İtternin ITEM PK ItemlD 초 Component Customer PK,FK1 ItemID PK CustomeriD PK,FK2 ProductID OrderLine Order Product PK,FK1 ProductiD PK ProductIDOPK.FK2 OrderlD FK1 CustomerlD
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