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Question: i need all questions answered and work to be shown...

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8. A pen drops from the top of a building that is 64 feet tall. The distance from the pen to the ground can be modeled by the equation, h16t2+64, where h is the height from the ground and t is the time in seconds. How long will it take for the pen to reach the ground? 7. Solve the following quadratic equation using the square root property: -7n2-448 A. 2 seconds B. 4 seconds C. 6 seconds D. 8 seconds 10. The length of a rectangle exceeds its width Answer: 9. Find the zeros of the quadratic by 4 inches. Find the dimensions of the rectangle if its area is 96 square inches. function: 2x2 7x +3 0 Answer_ Answer:

E QUESTIONS, DRAW FIGURES AND SHOW YOUR WORK* 1.Graph the following quadratic 2. Graph the following quadratic equation equation below and indicate whether below and indicate whether the vertex is a the vertex is a maximum or minimum: maximum or minimum: y-2-8x 13 y-2x2- 8x +2 Vertex (Circle One): Max or Min Vertex (Circle One): Max or Min 3. Solve the following equation using 4. A ball is shot from a cannon into the air the quadratic formula (Show work for with an upward velocity af 40 nisec. The full credit): equation that gives the beight (h) of the ball at Remember to get 0 on one side first. 4b2 + 8b +7+4 | any time(t) is: h(t)--16t2 + 40t + 1.5 . How long did it take for the ball to reach the ground? A. -3.7 seconds B. 1.29 seconds C. 2.54 seconds D. 4.50 seconds 2 Answer: Answer: 5. The formula for the area of a circle 6. Rearrange the formula to solve for e: is A Tr2 where A is area and r is radius. Solve for r c-f 9 g=

I need all questions answered and work to be shown

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