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Question: i need an edr exactly like the picuture that i...

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I need an EDR exactly like the picuture that I attached and explantion as well.
4. Our cattle are tagged with an id number and we track their weight, sex and age. They are rotated throughout several pastures, each of which have a unique name. We need to know the predominant crop for each pasture and if it has running water or not. Pastures may or may not have cattle in them. We need to track when cattle arrive at a pasture, when they leave, their entry weight and their exit weight. 5. In any given semester students may take sections of a course. Some students skip a semester (thus taking no sections). Students have the option of taking multiple course sections (but not more than 6 in one semester). Students have a CWID, name and year. Sections alway:s have at least one student, hopefully more, and have a semester, year, room number and unique id. A section belongs to only one course and a course has zero or more sections. We need to capture the student grade for a course section. Courses have a name, description a unique id. 6. Poker tournaments each must have a dealer, players and a tournament location. Dealers have a unique state id, a name and one or more card trick. Players have a registration id comprised of their last name and blood type, and we want to know their address (street, city, state, zip). Tournament locations have a unique name, an address and a drink minimum. Any specific combination of dealer, player and tournament location only ever happen once. We want to capture what place the player took and the amount the player tipped the dealer. Not all dealers have been involved in a tournament before (we are training them).
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