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Question: i need answer and at least 1 sentence explanation why...

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d. water test the Board of Land Commissioners. a. b. the State of California. I1. A subdivision map is the Spanish legal code. d. c. a. rarely accurate taking all land for public use. b. good only to describe the entire subdivision. c. never required. d. a good reference for a legal description. In California, the term real estate is synony mous with a. land b. fixtures. c. real property d. personal property 5. The MOST useful method of describing a ubdivision parcel is probably a. the lot and block system. b. the rectangular survey system. c. the metes and bounds system. d the U.S. government survey system 12. 6. Real property is NOT a. land b, real estate c. appurtenances to land d. movable 13. The rectangular survey system is also called a the U.S. government survey system. h. the province and township system c. the subdivision system d. the California system. 7. The sale of real property generally is governed the laws of a. the state where the real property is located. b. the state where the owner of the real 14. California has how many principal baselines? property resides. c any of the states. d. the federal government. b. Two c. Three d. Four

i need answer and at least 1 sentence explanation why its that answer

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