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POST LABORATORY WORKSHEET The corresponds to the Learning Objectvelst isted in the chapter opener outine. Do You Know the Basics? Exercise 15.1:Cranial Meninges 1. Match the description listed in column A with the corresponding cranial drileptum isted n column B。 Colome A Colume B a drapes across the cerebelar hemispheres horirontaly within the transverse fissure blocated between the two cerebeller hemispheres clocated between the two cerebral hamispheres d. superior to the selle turcice of the sphenoid bone -1, diaphragma sell 2 fak cerebels 3 fek cerebri 4 tentorium cerebels 2. The duramner is composed of which type of connective tissue? Circle one)。 a. areola b. dense irreguler c. dense regular d. reticuler 3. Place the following structures through which CSF and venous blood flow in the correct order as they drain from the subarachnoid space into the internal jugular vein. 2 a. confluence of sinuses b. sigmoid sinuses c, superior sagittal sinus __ d. transverse sinuses Exercise 15.2: Brain Ventricles 4. Match the description listed in column A with the appropriate structure listed in column B. Colame B Column A cerebral aqueduct bchoroid plexus c. fourth ventricle d. interventricular foramen 1 capillaries that aid in production of CSF 2 a channel located between the third and fourth ventricles 3 ahole between the leterall ventricle and the third ventricle 5. the two most superior ventricles 7. the ventricle surrounded by the diencephalion 4 a membrane that separates the two lateral ventricles lateral ventricle the ventricle located between the brainstem and cerebellum f septum pelucidum third ventricle 5. Match the ventricular spece Iisted in column A with the secondary brain vesicle from which it developed listed in column B. Columm B a diencephalion b. mesencephalon c. myelencephalon d. telencephalon Colomn A 1. cerebral aqueduct 2 furth ventricle 3 lateral ventricles 4、third ventricle 410 Chapter Fifteen The Brain and Cranial Nerves I need answers for 2-5
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