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Chapter Fifteen The Brais and Cranial Nerves Exercise 15.3: Ciroulation of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) &. Plece the following structures through which CSF flows in the correct order as CSF flows through the ventricular system of the brain. --8, cerebral aquaduct b. fourth ventricle c. intervendriculer foramen d. leteral ventricles third ventricle Exercise 15.4: Superior View of the Human Brain 7. Match the description listed in colume A with the appropriate structure listed in column B. Colume A Columa B 1. a fbertract that connects the right and left cerebral hemispheres central sulcus 2 a groove between the frontal lobe and the remaining lober 3 agroove between the right and left cerebral hemispheres 4 groove between the temporal and parietal lobes b. corpus callosum C.frontal lobe d. gyri 5. a groove thet seperates the cerebrum from the cerebellumLateral sulcus 6. the most anterior lobe of the brain t longitudinal fissure parietal lobe sulci 7. the most lateral lobels) of the brain & the most superior lobels) of the brain . ridges of brain tissue 10. shallow grooves on the surface of the brain i. temporal lobe htt i transverse fissure Exercise 15.5: Lateral View of the Human Brain Which of the following are major lobes visible on the surface of the cerebrum? (Check al that apply) Exercise 15.6: Inferior View of the Human Brain 9 Which of the following brain structures are visible an the inferior surtace of the brain? (Check ll that apply) brainstemb cerebellum C.fronal lobe-d. parietal lobetemporal lobe c. frontal lobe Exercise 15.7: Midsagittal View of the Human Brain 10. Match the description isted in column A with the corresponding structure isted in column B. Colume B s. corpus callosum b. hypothalamus c. mammillary bodies d. pineal body (pland) Columo A 1 controls hormone secretion from the pituitery gland 2 fbertract that connects the left cerebral hemisphere tothe right cerebral hemisphere 1. involve in wuckling celek and c e ing primery relay center for sensory information coming into the brain e thalamus -5. secretes the hormone melatonin from its precursor molecule, serotonin I need answers for 6-9
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