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  3. i need cpt codes for the fallowing procedure...

Question: i need cpt codes for the fallowing procedure...

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I need CPT codes for the fallowing procedure

Appendix dical Case #7 Operative Report Diagnosis: Subepidermal nodular 1.0-cm lesion of the left side of the nose geative ation dure Excision, lesion of nose Under local anesthesia, we excised the 1.0-cm lesion with 0.5 cm margins on all sides of the defect. The lesion was excised in frag- ments and submitted to pathology along with an ellipse of skin margins. Bleeding was controlled with electrocautery, and the wound was closed with four vertical mattress sutures of 5-0nylon. Polysporin and dressing were applied. gical Diagnosis: Well-organized basal cell carcinoma with no significant increase in activity or dysplasia of the cells tries:
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