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D AANBUentG Google G Google (2 jimin is a frealky bi G Untitled document My C Estimate Difference 2 Means () 01e Listed in the data table are IQ scores for a random sample of subjects with r from simple random samples selected from normally distributed populations Do not assume that the equal. medium lead ievels in their blood. Also listed are statistics a study done of IQ scores for a random sample of subjects with high lead levels. Assume that the two samples are independent Medium Lead Level High Lead Level 84 92 85 82 97 83 92 101 n2 11 x2 88.110 #2 10.352 91 Construct a confidence interval suitable for testing the claim that the mean IQ scores for subjects with medium lead levels is higher than the mean for subjects with high lead levels Your answer should use interval notation. (Round to three decimal places as needed) Answer

I need help.

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