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Question: i need help answering this thanks...

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I need help answering this! Thanks
Name or your isolate project, you want to isolate a microbe from, andnd that looks kin in, a sample of determine the total number of cells d that looks kind of nasty (RRSI want to isola ground turkey that you found at the back of your refrigerator ra of the hamburger and mix it with 5 ml of sterile phosphate buffered sa solution, and homogenize the sample to mix the meat and cells as thoroughly as possible with the PBS You dilution onto a beef the 103 dilution colonies on the plate onto which the 10% dilution was plated. No colonies were d then make 10-fol serial dilutions of this mixture extract agar plate. After up to 10), and plate out 50 microliters of each incubation, you observe 983 colonies on the plate onto which was plated, 135 colonies on the plate onto which the 104 dilution was plated, an ate onto which the 10s dilution plate, and a lawn of growth (to many colonies to count) were observed on 1 and 10 t) were observed on the 1 Using this data, estimate the number of microbesper gram in your original sample of gro you were able to culti microbe present in your sample (3 points). vate, and comment on whether or not you think that this is the total number of
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