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Question: i need help answering this thanks...

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I need help answering this! Thanks
1. You have a visibly turbid liquid culture (in TSB, tryptic soy broth) of your unknown bacterium, and want to determine the cell concentration. Based on the high turbidity (the culture is pretty much opaquel), you estimate that it is probably between 10° and 1010 cells per mL of culture. Outline a dilution and plating procedure tha cell concentration. Include the type of plating technique you would use, the type of media that you would use, the specific dilutio want on a plate for accurate quantification, and the units you would use to re that you have sterile buffered saline solution for use as a diluent (i.e. to use for dilutions) t you could use to obtain an appropriate number of colonies on a plate to determine the ns and volumes that you would plate, the targeted number of colonies you would port your results. Assume . Also, assume that you ONLY HAVE FOUR PLATES that you can use, so make sure to take t determining which dilutions to plate! (3 points)
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