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Question: i need help creating a dichotomous braket key using this...

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e 8.2, Are your cou- plets mutually exclusive and parallel? Rearrange mmomaion present in labl or the keys Is designed to work with skins alone. Naturally, it is impossible for any author or team of authors to examine the complete range of indi- vidual variation that occurs in any species or the com- plete range of species variation in many families. If you find species or specimens that are not identifiable, we would appreciate hearing from you. your couplets into an indented key Assemble a selection of at least 10 different taxa of common office supplies including var- ious kinds of rubber bands, thumbtacks, staples, Would aprecate hearing fr paper clips, etc. Write a key that can be used to identify these taxa. 8-C TABLE 8.2 Key Characters of Eight Imaginary Taxa of Rodents Taxon Dominant Color Tail Pattern Number Toes Cheek Tooth Grooves on Postorbital Paraoccigital Process Present Present Absent on Hindfoot Formula of Dorsunm Black Black or brown Gray Brown Brown None Unicolored4 or 5 Unicolored Bicolored Unicolored Bicolored None None 4/4 AbsentPresent Absent Absent 4 or 5 4/4 None + Unicolored and white Bicolored None Gray

I need help creating a dichotomous braket key using this information. Thank you.

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