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Question: i need help filling in the stock holders equity section...

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E2-16 Preparing a Balance Sheet LO2-5 Higgins Company began operations last year. You are a member of the management team investigating expansion ideas that will require borrowing funds from banks. At the start of the current year, Higginss T account balances were as follows: Assets Cash 4,800 Short-Term Investments and Equipment 3,000 ro 2,300 Liabilities Short-Term Notes Payable Long-Term Notes Payable 370 Common Stock Additional Paid-in Capital Retained Earnings 450 3,150 4,530 The following transactions occured in current year: a. Borrowed $2,800 from a local bank, signing a note due in three years. b. Sold $1,100 of the investments for $1,100 cash. C. Sold one-half of the property and equipment for $1,500 in cash. d. Declared and paid $350 in cash dividends to stockholders. Required Prepare a classified balance sheet at December 31 of the current year HIGGINS COMPANY Balance Sheet At December 31 Assets Liabilities Current assets Current liabilities Cash 1,600 9,850 Short-term notes payable 1,200 Short-term investments Total current liabilities 1,600 g-term notes payable 3,170 Total current assets 11,050 Total liabilities 4,770 Non-current assets: Stockholders Equity

Non-current assets Stockholders Equity Property and equipment 1,500 Common stock 4,180 Retained earnings Additional paid-in capital 4,180 8,950 Total non-current assets 1,500 Total stockholders equity Total assets S12,550 Total liabilities and stockholders equity$

I need help filling in the stock holder's equity section!!!

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