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Question: i need help for this i posted last time but...

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Q1. The non-inverting amplifier shown in Figure Q1(a) is to be used for a signal conditioning application. Ri Ro Vi ro 0 1K Figure Q1(a) a) Determine the type of sensing and feedback, and clarify the expected changes in the input and output impedance. b) Derive the equations governing the voltage gain, input impedance and output impedance. (9) When the op-amp used in the circuit shown in Figure Q1(a) has the following characteristics: Ανοι-10°, r,-100 ΚΩ, ro-100 Ω c) A close loop voltage gain, Vo/Vi, of 200 is required in an application, design the circuit to obtain this gain. d) Determine the values for Avc Vo/Vi, R and Ro if R is made equal to 200 kn. Total 25

i need help for this! i posted last time but the answer was too hard to read so have to repost... please help me thank you. need to study for final test and dont knw how to solve..

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