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Question: i need help for this wamap problem...

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тье τ shaped structure is embedded ui a concrete wall at A and subjected to the force F and the occe coupe s stem p2 574 N and M 1,150 N m at he locaticns shown. Nezlect he weg t cfte s retu e n our calculations for his problem. Using the Ahle- er เข้ that on calculated n a re ace the twn arees net ntesect the structure) and with a R nale ome that has equra et r e e on the strit īre spec v the a n valent aree Fry n ponents a nicate the haf17 ta d ance rom pon t A t its line ofset n inate h旐 e of arrari ma e ian t Model the entre force a arem l 1 p . nd M ak 3 k ngle one an au p e a tng the แ et on of the honzor ta and vertical aertonsafthe atni tra Fm r vonr angaers Cs e ter con ponents Fi alues for dimensions ou the figure are given in the folowing tabie. Note the fizure may ot be to scale. Variable Value a 2.30 m 6 2.76 m c 2.19 m 6 14.0

I need help for this wamap problem

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