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  3. i need help in answering this assignment thanks...

Question: i need help in answering this assignment thanks...

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I need help in answering this assignment. Thanks

t. Perform as Indicated. 1. Determine whether the set of all vectors of the form: (10 pts.) The set of all n x n matrices A such that te (A) o 2. Determine whether the vector p is in the span (S),Given S. ipPwhere 3. Using two methods, verify that the set S is linearly independent. (10 pts) 1 01 11 21 10 1 2l: 11 2 1 mM 4. Find the coordinale vector v relative to the basis vectors Py.v (ops) If ve (5,-1.9). 5. Explain why the set S is not a basis for R. (10 pts.) n,-(-1.3.2),«,= (6,1. I) for R3 6. Given Matrix A in Row Echelon Form (R). find the (a) Basis for Row Space and is Dinension (5 pts.) (b) Basis for the Solation Space and its Dimension.(IS pts) 3-2.1-4-1 -101 21

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