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Question: i need help in the following geography lab please fill...

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I need help in the following Geography Lab. please fill the blanks and draw the graph of the step 3. please use the following sizes of 12 people for step 2-section 4. (12th person's size is already in the table - step 2-section 4)

1. Height 1.7 meters / Shoe size 257 Millimeters

2. Height 1.5 meters / Shoe size 263 Millimeters

3. Height 1.60 meters / Shoe size 230 Millimeters

4. Height 1.9 meters / Shoe size 292 Millimeters

5. Height 1.65 meters / Shoe size 254 Millimeters

6. Height 1.73 meters / Shoe size 366 Millimeters

7. Height 1.9 meters / Shoe size 270 Millimeters

8. Height 1.52 meters / Shoe size 241 Millimeters

9. Height 1.7 meters / Shoe size 255  Millimeters

10. Height 1.8 meters / Shoe size 244 Millimeters

11. Height 1.8 meters / Shoe size 260 Millimeters

LAB 2: METHODS OF SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY The following activities included in this lab: A. Scientific Inquiry Be sure to read all instructions and complete all activities as neatly as possible. At the conclusion of this activity, you should be able to: . Conduct a scientific experiment using accepted methods of scientific inquiry. Introduction Scientists use many methods in an attempt to understand natural phenomena. Some scientific discoveries represent purely theoretical ideas, while others may occasionally occur by chance. However, scientific knowledge is often gained by following a sequence of steps which involve Step Establishing a hypothesis - a tentative, or untested, explanation Step 2: Gathering data and conducting experiments to validate the hypothesis Step 3: Accepting, modifying, or rejecting the hypothesis on the basis of extensive data gathering or experimentation The following simple inquiry should help you understand the process Step 1-Establishing a hypothesis Observe all the people in the classroom and pay particular attention to each individuals height and shoe length. 1. Based on your observations, write a hypothesis that relates to a persons height to their shoe lengtlh. Hypothesis:

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