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I need help please to solve these. I have a test and I want to see the steps clearly
Problems 5. 18.9526 g of iron(II) sulfate heptahydrate are dissolved in 54.4800 g of water. A student measures the volume of the solution as 74.852 mL and determines the freezing point to be 3.225°C. The freezing point of pure water on the same thermometer was measured by the same student to be 0.150 degrees celsius. a. What is the molality of the solution? (Rem ember this salt is a hydrate ) mo eol saw/kg. Sove- ラjwn ot sa Itis:/弥ql +(g.o2x1), r) c 218. b. What is the vant Hoff factor, i, for this data? .What is the apparent per cent dissociation in this system? d. Calculate the expected molarity of this solution. Noting that concentrated solutions do not ordinarily behave as though the solute is 100% dissociated (as dilute solutions do), use the apparent per cent dissociation to calculate the apparent molarity of the iron(II) and of the sulfate ions in this system. e. A student determines that a 2.075 molal solution of this hydrate was 24.35% dissociated. Calculate the temperature at which this solution would be expected to freeze using the same thermometer as used above.
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