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Question: i need help regarding my visual basic code...

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I need help regarding my Visual Basic code

ISC/ITE 285 Homework Due: Monday, January 28 by 11:55 pm Create a text file named Grades.txt which will contain a list of numeric grades. Save the file in the projects Bin/Debug folder. A sample of the file contents is shown below: 80 96 95 86 54 97 Create a string array that will be populated from the file Grades.txt when the array is created (Class-level array). Also create a numeric array that will hold the same values as the string array but as data type of Double. At load time, use the ReDim statement to size the numeric array and a For loop to give it values (using the information that was loaded into the string array) Note: Using the step above, once the form becomes available, both arrays will have been created and populated Code the three button click events shown on the form below: Text Files List All Grades Traverse (read through) the numeric array and list all values in the listbox Display Statistics Display the highest grade, lowest grade, and average of all grades in the listbox List All with Given Grade - Ask the user to enter a letter grade (A, B, C D, or F). Traverse the numeric array and list all numeric values that would receive the given grade. At the end of the list, give a total count of the number of students who would receive the given grade List All Grades Display Statistics List All with Given Grade Notes: With this lab, you may use functions and subprocedures as you see fit. No data validation is required.

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