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Question: i need help to solving number 2 on this problem...

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b. Break-even volume in units and dollars c. Net profit if 10,000 units are sold d. Necessary unit volume to achieve a $200,000 profit 2) 15pts] Vacaville Inc. produces and markets golf bags through a variety of retail outlets. Presently, Vacaville Inc. directly distributes its products to some o largest sport equipment retailers, not consumers. Vacavilles suggested retail priov for the bag is are as follows: f the $200 per unit. The retailers margin is 40 percent. Other data available Factory facility rental Other fixed overhead Promotion & Advertising Production of ba Manufacture of labels and packaging (per 1,000 bags) $50,000 $30,000 C $100,000 $50,000 $10,000 gs (per 1,000 bags) a. What unit contribution (S/Unit) will a retailer earn from selling a Vacaville golf bag to a consumer? For what price will Vacaville sell a golf bag to a retailer? What is Vacaville sunit contribution ($Unit) and contribution margin ratio %)ofthe golf bag? What is Vacavilles break-even point in units? In dollars? b. c d. ) I5pts] The product manager for golf balls at Napa Corporation was reviewing price and promotion alterna vo products: Far and Further. Both products were designed to hit and fly high and long, but Far was a reg hereas Further included a special component that helps a distance for the players. Both of the brand mana nd Further are considering two alternatives in order to stimulate sales volume--additional promotion/adve 100,000) or a price reduction (10%). A volume, price, and cost summary for the two products follow: Price (per box) Unit variable costs Far $10.00 $5.00 Further $12.00 $8.00I need help to solving number 2 on this problem set for marketing management.

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