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Question: i need help with all these questions as they are...

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I need help with all these questions as they are related to one question. Please show detailed working so I can understand.

2. Electrical current is flowing through a conducting rod. a) Write down Amperes Law for the magnetic flux density around the rod and define 2 all symbols used. b) A 6 V DC power supply is connected to both ends of the rod. Determine the 4 magnetic field flux density in air at a radial distance of 10 em from the rod. The resistance of the rod is 1.5 m2. c) The magnctic circuit shown in figure 2c has a sel core of relative permeability 2900. The radius of the toroidal core is 5 cm and the circular cross-section of the core is 1 cm in radius. Initially the core has no air-gap. winding, N, is 100 i) Determine the cores reluctance. ii) Obtain the magneto-motive force and then the magnetic flux density inside the 2 core ) A section of the core is now removed leaving an air gap along part of the 4 cores circumference (indicated by the dashed box). The air gap is 5 mm wide Obtain the circuits reluctance and the magnetic flux density in the air gap N-100 ITT4 Air gap Figure 2c
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