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I need help with numbers 16, and 17
rime 16. An investigator has a partial DNA profile, p from the person who perpetrated a violent c The profile consists of five characteristics which either do not match (value -1), do not value Oi, or is thought to match (value 1) or strongly matches (value 2) the perpetrator The profile vector p is given in the table below The remaining columns of the table represent the profiles (for the same ten characteristics) of the suspects a, b and c: Profile: p -1 0 0 0 Length a. Compute the length of the vectors in the table above and the each of the suspects profiles a, b, and c b. Compute the scalar (dot-) product and the angle between the profile sketch vectorp Vectors: b) c) Dot product Angle (rad) c. Which suspect profile best matches the DNA profile? Why? 17, a. Let İ-(1, 0, 0). ai,j ai,k)- 0, 1, 0), k.. (0,0,1) Conclude: The claim: θ(u,v): au, w)→ v= w Y u, v, w is True / False.
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