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  3. i need help with problem 3 only thank you...

Question: i need help with problem 3 only thank you...

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I need help with problem # 3 only. Thank you.

Evaluate the following complex number expressions. Draw (by hand) the resulting number in the complex plane. (a) 5+3j - (3-2j) (c) (2+j (d) (1 + j)(1-3)|*, (i.e., evaluate the complex conjugate of the complex number in the brackets) Problem 2 (24 points): Complex Numbers in Rectangular and Polar Form Write the following complex numbers in polar form. Express in exponential notation using Eulers formula. (a) 5-12j (b) -3 (d) 1 + 2V/2, Write the following complex numbers in rectangular form. e) el.3j (f) 4e1+j (g) 2e/n/1 (h) e2+2j MECH 4310: Systems and Control, Spring 2019 Homework 1 Problem 3 (8 points): Plotting with MATLAB Plot each complex number in the two problems above (12 different points) in MATLAB using a unique symbol/color combination for each point. Label the real and imaginary axes and provide a legend. Store all these complex numbers in a single array and use a for loop to make your plot. This means there will only be one line that uses the plot command, located inside the for loop Submit your plot image and code in your homework1.

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