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I need help with questions 1-7
Seafloor Ages Part 1: Divergent Boundary plates are moving 1) below is of a divergent boundary with arrows showing the direction in which the is the oldest crust found? The scale lines are 10 km apart 2) What is the age of the rocks at location B? 0 years old 1 milion years old 2 million years old milion years old 3) If each plate is moving at a rate of 20 km per 1 million years, roughly how long did it take for Rock A to reach its current location? 0 years 1 million years 2 million years 4 million years 4) What is the age of the rock at location C? 0 years old 1 milion years old 2 million years old 4 million years old )Why should your answer to Question 4 be twice your answer to Question 3? Revise your answers id necessary 6) A map of the Atlantic Ocean is shown to the right. Where are the oldest rocks in the Atlantic found? Briety explain your answer 7) Two students are debating about the relative ages of the rocks that make up the crust in the Atlantic Ocean. Student 1: The oidest rocks are located at E because it is the farthest from a continent. The rocks would take a realy long time to got to the middle of the ocean. Student 2: But this ocean has a divergent boundary in the center. This means that rocks at E are really young. D is farthest from the divergent boundary so thats where the oldest rocks are. With which student do you agree? Why?
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