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  3. i need help with questions 9 amp 10 please thank...

Question: i need help with questions 9 amp 10 please thank...

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Question 9 0 out of 1 points What is the smallest batch size (in units) to achieve a capacity rate of 8 units/hour Selected Answer: 6 0 out of 1 points Question 10 Using the current production batch size of 20 units, how long (in minutes) does it take to produce a batch starting with an empty system (where no setup has been done yet). Assume that all the units in the batch have to stay together (no smaller transfer batches allowed) when transferred to either Brad or Chloe, who then processes the entire batch (the batch cannot be divided among the two workers). Also all the units have to stay together w or Chloe to Dorothee. I strongly recommend you to draw a Gantt chart on your own to answer this question. Selected Answer: 15 Tuesday, January 29, 2019 9:07 48 AM CST - OK

Question 8 1 out of 1 points The mini-case described in this question applies to questions Q7 through Q9. Consider the tollowing process: (Brad) 3 (Chloe) (Adam, machine 1) (Adam, machine 1) (Dorothee) The setup time and production time per unit of each task is as follows: Setup time (mins) 10 Task Time per unit (mins) 0 0 Adam (with the same machine) performs tasks 1 and 2. After running a setup on the machine, he performs same machine before performing task 2 on every unit in the batch. After that, either Brad or Chloe are done by the workers only so they do not require any setups task 1 on every unit in a batch. Then, he runs another setup on the performs task 3 on the units. Finaly, Dorothee does task 4. Tasks 3 and 4

I need help with questions 9 & 10 please?

Thank you!

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