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Question: i need help with the incorrect answers i also need...

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Moody Corporation uses a job-order costing system with a plantwide predetermined overhead rate based on machine-hours. At the beginning of the year, the company made the following estimates: Machine-hours required to support estimated production 100,000 Fixed manufacturing overhead cost Variable manufacturing overhead cost per machine-hour $3.ee $650,0e0 Required 1. Compute the plantwide predetermined overhead rate. 2. During the year, Job 400 was started and completed. The following information was available with respect to this job: Direct materials Direct labor cost Machine-hours used $450 $210 40 Compute the total manufacturing cost assigned to Job 400 3. If Job 400 includes 52 units, what is the unit product cost for this job? 4. If Moody uses a markup percentage of 120% of its total manufacturing cost, then what selling price per unit would it have established for Job 400?Weaver Company Income Statement For This Year Ended December 31 Sales Cost of goods sold Gross margin Selling and administrative expenses Net operating income Nonoperating items: $800 500 300 213 87 Gain on sale of investments Loss on sale of equipment Income before taxes Income taxes Net income 90 27 $ 63 During this year, Weaver sold some equipment for $20 that had cost $40 and on which there was accumulated depreciation of $16. In addition, the company sold long-term investments for $10 that had cost $3 when purchased several years ago. Weaver paid a cash dividend this year and the company repurchased $40 of its own stock. This year Weaver did not retire any bondsWeaver Company Statement of Cash Flows For This Year Ended December 31 Operating activities Net cash provided by operating activities Investing activities Proceeds from sale of equipment Proceeds from sale of long-term investments Additions to property, plant, and equipment Decrease in accounts receivable Net cash used in investing activities Financing activities Issuance of bonds payable Repurchase of common stock Cash dividends paid Depreciation Net cash provided by financing activities Net decrease in cash Beginning cash and cash equivalents Ending cash and cash equivalents $104 $ 20 (180) 0 (150) 110 (40) (30) 40 15 9I need help with the incorrect answers. I also need to know the amount for incorrect depreciation part.

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