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3:05 AM Wed Jan 30 inst-fs-iad-prod. inscloudgate. net 9) You are given a bacterial culture with a concentration of 3.5 x 10 cfu/ml. a. How many cells are transfered when you incoulate 25ml of fresh media with 200ul of the bacterial culture? (2pts). Show your work. b. What is the concentration of the newly inncoulated culture in cfu/ml? (2pts). Show your work. 10) A bacterial sample with a concentration of 8.5x10 cfu/ml needs to be diluted enough to count individual bacterial colonies on a bacterial plate. To do this you dilute Iml of the original sample with 9ml of fresh LB for a 1:10 dilution. You repeat this process 4 more times (5 times total). a. What is the final concentration of bacterial cfu/ml after this serial dilution? Draw out the serial dilution in the space below. (Hint: Refer to the lab math guide to draw out the steps of how to make a serial dilution.) (7pts). Show your work. b. Is 1ml of this ilution an appropriate concentration of bacteria to plate on LB Agar? Why or why not? What are you most likely to see on your plate? (4pts)

i need help with these questions.

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