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Question: i need help with these two questions...

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I need help with these two questions!
sep tli l kicked out (still leaving an amide with a positive charge on the nitrogen). In the t deprotonated to give the final products NH2 HN CH Na 2. How many moles of HCI are there in 1 mL of concentrated HC1? (consult the table at the end of your Mohrig book) I would use the 37 percent by weisht and the 1.18 gmL. as one way to calculate the moles of HCI. You may also use the 12.0 M to calculate moles of HCI. (0.75 pt) 3. Describe how you would make 20 mL of ethanolic 1 M NaOH solution. Do not just show a calculation. You must describe exactly how you would make this solution including glassware needed. (0.5 pt calculation, 0.75 pt description of how to make the solution.
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