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8US 452/552 - HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT CASE STUDY WORKSHEET 1 Review each of the four (4) cases below. Post a 100-word (minimum) response to each case. You may post your response directly below each case in the space provided. Responses will be evaluated on appropriateness to the case, relationship to respective theorylies), content, and grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Each response must have a minimum of one (1) reference and corresponding in-text citation accompanying each response. The grading rubric follows the cases at the end of the worksheet. Case 1 Suppose that you are the recruitment manager for a medium-sized bank. One of your best recruiters appears to be unmotivated lately. The number of recruits the recruiter brings in is normally above the av erage for effective performance but has fallen below the standard for the past two weeks. What might the expectancy theory suggest is causing the drop in recruiter performance? What theory suggest? Based on your knowledge of the equity and expectancy theories, develop two recommendations for helping to improve the recruiters performance. Response: Case 2 Suppose you are the HRD manager for a large electric/utility company. The quarterly report shows a 25% decrease in participation in management development programs over the same quarter last year. The number of managers employed by the company has not changed, and the companys profits have remained stable. You already hold these programs in desirable locations off-site (conference centers) and participating in these programs counts toward the employees annual performance evaluation. Using your knowledge of motivation theory, suggest three possible reasons that could explain why participation rates are down. If, after investigation, those reasons turned out to be the true causes, what might you be able to do to improve participation rates? Response Case 3 The HRD manager for a chicken processing plant has come to you for advice. Even though all employees in the plant recently completed a safety training program, the accident rate has not improved. In particular, the manager has found that employees are not wearing safety gear (goggles, shoes with nonskid soles, etc.) consistently and are not following safety procedures. Using your knowledge of attitudes and supervisory expectations, develop two possible reasons to explain the employees behavior. If your hypothesis are true, how could the HRD manager improve the situation? Response of nature). The instructor will determine if an exception is warranted and communicate a course of action

Case 4 You are the HRD manager who happens to walk by the watercooler and overhear supervisors talking about a common stereotype that older workers find learning difficult, and therefore a Does research from the field of gerontology support or disprove u feel supervisors should follow r to using new equipment. this stereotype? Explain. What two findings or recommendations do yo o ensure effective training experiences for older workers? Wel Tip No Int car action.

I need help with this assignment

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