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or u Overview: There are generally three analyses used to determine an organizations training needs: 1) organizational analysis, 2) task or operations analysis, and 3) person analysis. The ADDIE model analysis phase is where you will gather all of the information you have at the outset of the project to define your approach. This information includes 2 3 Instructional objectives, or what you wish to teach to the students Who the learners are, their abilities and circumstances The setting and model of information delivery (online, classroom, workplace) Teaching considerations and barriers to learning Q W E . . * . The budget and timeline youre working with Kep in mind that although the ADDIE model evaluation is its own step, it also comes into play at every step along the way. Because the ADDIE model was designed to be flexible and useful in all types of 1 som ly are able to modify their plans training materials development i is important that instructional designers and their progress at any stage com write a training Instructions: Using your selected training program from writing Assignment #1, program assessment/analysis. The assessment/analysis should include looking at the training needs from the organizational, task/operational, and person analytical perspectives. Questions and considerations for writing your paper include 113. Who are the learners? What are their characteristics (e.g., profile, existing knowledge), learning styles or learning behaviors? What are the target audiences performance gaps? Or what is the knowledge problem? Determ . ine whether the performance gap is indeed a problem that could be solved with a training . Elaborate overall goals and develop meaningful, measureable, and observable learning objectives. Use the Bloom Taxonomy to classify the learning objectives and derive specific learning objectives (for modules and/or sections of the training program). Consider the resources available and also the training projects constraints. .Determine the delivery options. Draft a budget and a time line. Writing assignments must be submitted as a Word document (e.g., doc, docx), should be be double- spaced, Times New Roman, font 12, and adhere to APA guidelines- including title and reference page. Assignments submitted in a format other than Word, such as pdf, wps, xls, jpeg, png, Cloud/Open source to name a few, will not be accepted and no credit given. title page and reference page). Writing assignments w Sakai by 11.55 p.m. (Central Time) on the respective assignments due date. No assignments will be accepted via campus email and/or Sakai Messa All writing assignments must have a minimum of three (3) references - which may be the text, a reputable web site, and/ or academic journal- and be a minimum of 750 words in length (EXCLUDING Il only be accepted via the Assignments tab of ges. Refer to the syllabus and grading rubric located under the Resources tab of Sakai for guidance on paper requirements and expectations. Do not hesitate to contact me with questions.

I need help with this assignment

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