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Question: i need help with this assignment is the exercise 5...

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I need help with this assignment, is the exercise 5.

value of ans? Answer this question without executing the statements in Python. Ex. 5 → Consider the recursion formula: 23 45 12 with 0,., 1000, -1/1000, and a--0.5. 1. Create a list u. Store in its first three elements e, e, and eh. These represent the starting values uo, and u in the given formula. Build up the complete list from the recursion formula. 2. Construct a second list, td, in which you store the values nh, withn-0,, 1000. Plot td versus u (refer section Basic plotting in chapter 6, Plotting, for more information). Make a second plot in which you plot the difference, that is, le- u,l, where t, represents the values inside the vector td. Set axis labels and a title The recursion is a multistep formula to solve the differential equation u = au with the initial value u(0)-o-1. u, approximates unh)-eo
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