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Question: i need help with this chemistry lab report im not...

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I need help with this chemistry lab report!

Hy CALCULATIONS FOR PART 2-B: 5) Complete the following table of observations: TABLE 1.3: OBSERVATIONS FOR THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TEMPERATURE AND THE RATE OF REACTION. Molar concentration of solution E: 0.048837 mol Trials Start Time Start Temp. End Time End Temp. Reaction Average Trials(HH:MM:SS) Time (s) Temp.co 2q.q 34.8 (oC) i29 S 2 349303.0 3. 4320 26. 8 .3 | 3:.HG. 18 |嚇2. \ 3.2603 30 2 |3:46:40 | 44:8 40 3 3 2 | 偏22 ç| 53.4 these rows 4 a 0 Note: Trial #1 is already done from table 1.2.PART 2 3) Show a sample calculation, using trial 1, for the determination of the rate and rate constant from the data in table 1.3. Remember that Rate molar concentration of solution/time (in seconds) - k[AJ.

I'm not sure how to find the rate of change along with the rate constant for each trial.

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