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Question: i need help with this discussion...

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| START A NEW CONVERSATION DISPLAY MESSAGE CONTENT Forums /ECO 203.W Forum / Week 4 Forum <Previous Topic Next Topic Week 4 Forum View Full Description discussing supply and demand and what causes either curve to shift. For this weeks forum, I want you to find a real world enxample such as a news heading for types of changes in demand or demand shifters and see pages 54 -55 for types of changes in supply or st that discusses either a supply or demand shifter. See pa supply shifters. Once you have found your example, please include the following with your forum post: 1. Share the link to the news article 2. Identify if it is a demand or supply shifter and if it is a negative or positive impaet (or shift). 3. Briefly diseus how this one shift may impact the equilibrium price and quantity and wh O You must post to this topic before you can view any messages Previous Topic Next Topic > Gateway Chat (2 9:00 PM 2/1/2019 ype here to search 2

I need help with this discussion

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