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i need help with this in c++
i have a skeleton already

In this assignment you will implement a program called callcost calculator.cpp that calculates the net cost of a call (net cost), the tax on a call (call tax) and the total cost of the call (total_cost). The program should accept a cell phone number (cell num), the number of relay stations(relays), and the length in minutes of the cal (call length) from a user. Please consider the following 1) The tax rate (in percent) on a call (call rate) is simply based on the number of relay stations (relays) used to make the call (0e relays <=5 then tax-rate 1% ; 6<= relays <=11 then tax-rate = 3%; 12-= relays <-20 then tax-rate- 5%:21<= relays <-50 then tax-rate = 8%; relays >50 then tur-rate = 12%) 2) The net cost ofa call is calculated by the following formula: net cost ( relays 50.00.40*call length). 3) The tax on a call is calculated by the following formula: call tax net cost tax rate/100 (drop /100 if you converted the rate from a percentage) ). The total cost of a call (rounded to the nearest hundredth) is calculated by the following formula: total cost = net cost + call Mr. All tax and cost calculations should be rounded to the nearest hundredths. Use the following format information to print the variables: Field Format Cell Phone Number of Relay Stations Minutes Used Net Cost Call Tax Total Cost of Call XXxxXX Handing in your program Electronically submit call cost calculator.cpp in the Assignments area of Blackboard before the due date and time. Remember, complete the assignment not matter if it is late. It is very important that you do all assignments to master the C++ programming language.
#include <iostream> //standard library for i/o #include <string> using namespace std; int main() string user response = y. while (user_response y II user-response- Y) //The code to get the users input, perform the calculations, and print // the results to the screen should go here. cout<<Would you like to do another calculation (Y or N): <<endl; cin>>user response; return 0;
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