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I need help with this xml
1. Write a CSS file that displays the following XML file as shown on the screenshot below <?xml version=1.0 encoding-ISo8859-1 ?> <?xml-stylesheet type=text/css href=cd catalog.css?> CATALOG> KCD> <title>Empire Burlesque</title> ARTIST Bob Dylan</ARTIST KCOUNTRY USA</COUNTRY> KCOMPANY>Columbia</COMPANY PRICE>10.90</PRICE KYEAR 1985</YEAR> </CD> KCD> <title Greatest Hits</title> KARTIST>Dolly Parton</ARTIST KCOUNTRY USAK/COUNTRY> KCOMPANY RCA</COMPANY PRICE>9.90</PRICE> KYEAR 1982</YEAR> /CD> KCD> <title>One night only</title> KARTIST>Bee Gees</ARTIST> KCOUNTRY UK</COUNTRY> <COMPANY> Polydor</COMPANY> KPRICE>10.90</PRICE> YEAR> 1998</YEAR> /CD> SCD> <title>2003 Grammy Nominees</title> KARTIST Many</ARTIST <COUNTRY USA</COUNTRY> KCOMPANY>Grammy</COMPANY> PRICE>10.20</PRICE> KYEAR>2003</YEAR> K/CD> KCD> <title>Maggie May</title> <ARTIST>Rod Stewart</ARTIST> COUNTRY UK</COUNTRY
COMPANY>Pickwick</COMPANY PRICE>8.50</PRICE> KYEAR> 1990</YEAR /CD> KCD> <title>For the good times</title> ARTIST>Kenny Rogers/ARTIST> <COUNTRY UK</COUNTRY> COMPANY Mucik Master</cOMPANY> PRICE>8.70</PRICE> YEAR 1995</YEAR K/CD> KCD> <title>Big Willie style</title> ARTIST Will Smith</ARTIST KCOUNTRY USAK/COUNTRY> KCOMPANY Columbia<K/COMPANY PRICE>9.90</PRICE> KYEAR 1997</YEAR> /CD> CD> <title>Private Dancer</title> KARTIST Tina Turner</ARTIST> <COUNTRY UK</COUNTRY> <COMPANY>Capitol</COMPANY> KPRICE 8.90K/PRICE> KYEAR 1983</YEAR> /CD> <CD> <title>Unchain my heart</title> KARTIST Joe CockerK/ARTIST <COUNTRY USA</COUNTRY> COMPANY EMI</COMPANY> PRICE>8.20</PRICE> KYEAR 1987K/YEAR> /CD> </CATALOG>
С File | file:///D/Courses/CSC4356/Lab6.xml Apps Faculty & Staff * Settings-Extensions ® Top Rated Compute 回 https://maiLwssued. 申Mail . Dichev. Christ Empire Burlesque Bob Dylan USA Columbia 10.90 1985 Greatest Hits Dolly Parton USA RCA 9.90 1982 One night only Bee Gees UK Polydor 10.90 1998 2003 Grammy Nominees Many USA Grammy 10.20
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