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I need help with this xml document. This is my third time putting this up, because every time the question is answered I cannot access the answer it just doesn’t pop up, so again I’m asking to see if it’ll finally show up when answered! Thank you!
. The purpose of this assignment is to learn to use namespaces to mix elements from different vocabularies in a single XML document. Suppose, that you keep track of your books in one XMIL document <?xml version-1.0?> COLLECTION> <ITEM Status=in> KTITLE>The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn</TITLE> KAUTHOR Mark Twain</AUTHOR KPRICE $5.49</PRICE /ITEM> KITEM Status-out> TITLE>Leaves of Grass</TITLE> KAUTHOR Walt Whitman</AUTHOR> KPRICE $775</PRICE K/ITEM> <ITEM Status=out> TITLEThe Legend of Sleepy AUTHOR> Washington PRICE>$2.95</PRICE HolloW</TITLE> Irving</AUTHOR> /ITEM> KITEM Status-in> TITLE>The Marble Faun</TITLE KAUTHOR Nathaniel Hawthorne</AUTHOR> PRICE>$10.95</PRICE> K/ITEM> K/COLLECTION>
and that you keep track of your CDs in another XML document: <?xml version-1.0?> COLLECTION> ITEM TITLE>Violin Concerto in DK/TITLES KCOMPOSER Beethoven</COMPOSER PRICE>$14.95</PRICE K/ITEM> KITEM> TITLE Violin Concertos Numbers 1, 2, and 3</TITLE <COMPOSER>Mozart</cOMPOSER> PRICE>$16.49</PRICE K/ITEM> </COLLECTION> Now suppose you want to combine these documents into a single XML document that tracks both your collections. However if you merged those two XML documents, you would have a conflict because there are COLLECTION <ITEM> <TITLE <PRICE> elements in each, but they have different contents and semantic meaning. Use namespaces to resolve name conflicts in the xml document named collections.xml that combines the content of the two collections.
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