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Question: i need help with two questions for these two examples...

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I need help with two questions: For these two examples below, is it study basic or applied research and what are the variables being studied

Dr Liberman, an industrial organizational psychologist, wants to test the hypothesis that people who are more satisfied with their jobs have higher job productivity than people who are less satisfied with their jobs. A job-satisfaction questionnaire is given to 150 employees at a large corporation. The manager rated job-productivity scores of the same employees is provided for the study as well. The relationship between the two measures was examined.

Dr Tomson wants to determine if the brains of spree killers and serial killers are different from people who are not murderers. A group of spree and serial killers have their brains scanned using an MRI. Their results are compared to the MRI brain scans of similarly aged prisoners (not convicted of a murder) and a group of similarly aged non-incarcerated people.

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