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Question: i need help you have been asked by your supervisor...

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I need help!!!!!! You have been asked by your supervisor to fill out the checklist based on a new program/service that you recently recommended for a healthcare environment (e.g., purchasing a new MRI, extending the hours of an urgent care clinic). I was thinking of extending hours at the primary care center to include every Saturday 8am to 1pm. Complete the checklist for this program/service. Here is the Checklist for Building a Budget

1. What is the proposed volume for the new budget period?

2. What is the appropriate inflow (revenues) and outflow (cost of services delivered) relationship?

3. What will the appropriate dollar cost be?(Note: this question requires a series of assumptions about the nature of the operation for the new budget period.)

3a. Forecast service-related workload.

3b. Forecast non-service-related workload.

3c. Forecast special project workload if applicable.

3d. Coordinate assumptions for proportionate share of interdepartmental projects.

4. Will additional resources be available?

5. Will this budget accomplish the appropriate managerial objectives for the organization? We were not given any budget number and I don't even know where to start.

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