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Question: i need part f of the first exercise and the...

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PART 1: SOLVING SYSTEM OF LINEAR EQUATIONS Problem 1-Translational Mechanical System: Consider the three mass-four spring system shown in Fig.1, where 0 N/m, k330 Nim and 2 kg. Fig.1. Three mass-four spring system (a) Draw the free-body diagram (FBD) for each mass of the system. (b) Write the equation of motion for each FBD (obtained in (a)) without substitutes the values of mass and constant k (c) Write the three equation (obtain in 〔b)) in matrix form:[All χ-[a], where l k] is the matrix of the k coefficients, [xl is the displacement vector, and lal is the acceleration (d) If the bodies move with accelerations a1ms a2-0.75m/s2 and a 0.5mis2 calculata the respactive displacements xx2 and x3 using Gauss elimination, Gauss- Jordan elimination, and LU decomposition using Crouts method. (e) Use the Gauss elimination method implemented in Matlab in order to compare your results. Print the script and add it to the sclution. Apply Cramersule in order to calculate the exact (analytical solution vaus f X, x and xj A upward force of 20 KN is a) Draw for each paint A, B, C, and D the goveming equations for each (c) Build the system linear equations in matrix (d) Using any numerical method for solution of applied at the top of a tripod as depicted in Fig 2. forces acting on it. (b) Write the system of linear equations determine the forces in the legs of the tripod. (e) Demonstrate that the results obtained in (d) are correct

I need part (F) of the first exercise and the part D and E of the Second exercise

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