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Question: i need questions 2 and 3 please...

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Sect. Date Name Prelaboratory Assignment: Qualitative Analysis Group Cations 1. flow chart for the procedure and put it on your data sheet. Prepare a complete 2. write equations describing each of the following reactions: balanced net ionic nitric acid. of Ni(OH, oxidation of Crto Cr by clo in alkaline solution (clo is converted to Cin. The confirming test for Fe solution that may any the cations. Treatment of the solution with CIO in medium yields a yellow solution and a colored precipitate. The solution is unaffected by treatment with NHOH. The colored precipitate dissolves in nitric acid; addition of excess NH4OH to this acidic solution produces only a blue solution. Which group III ions are present? Which are absent? Which are in doubt? How would you remove all doub
I need questions 2 and 3 please
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