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  3. i need solution for two problem it is short problem...

Question: i need solution for two problem it is short problem...

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From table H2 and H3 From table H2 and H3 E al strain -0.016 -0,.0016 72GPa, v 0.33; ơy 480MPa To find lateral Ad -0.016 e =-=- =-0.00 16 10 To find axial strain rmal s have he other -0,0016-0004848 ε=--=- -0.004848 = 0.33 Problem 1.5.6 A tensile test is performed on a brass specimen 10mm in diameter using a gauge length of 50mm. When the tensile load P reaches a value of 20kN, the distance between gage marks has increases by 0.122mm. (a) what is the modulus of elasticity. Answer: 104GPa (b) If the diameter decreases by 0.0083mm, what is the Poissons it is valid) ratio? Answer: 0.34 10 mm 1.5-4 A prismatic bar with a circular cross section is loaded by tensile forces P-65kN. The bar has length L=1.75m and diameter d-32mm. It is made of aluminum alloy with E-75GPa and Poissons ratio v /3. Find the increase in length of the bar and the percent decrease in it cross-sectional area Answer: 1.886mm and 0.072%. 103 N

i need solution for two problem.. it is short problem, please give me 2 solution
thanks so much

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