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Question: i need the answers two 1234 891011 with at...

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8. The sale of personal propesy generally is gov During the days of Spanish rule, all land was owned by a. the missions. b. the government. c. the crown. d. the conquistadores. 1. erned by the laws of a. the state where the personal property is located b. the state where the owner of the property c. any of the states. 2. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended d. the federal government a. the gold rush. b. In California, the Uniform Commercial Code governs sales transactions involving a. real estate b. bulk sales of goods. c. fixtures to real estate. d. riparian rights. 9. Spanish rule. the war with Mexico. the missions c. d. Real Estate Law, which relies on court deci- sions as well as legislation, is based on a. Spanish civil law b. French civil law c. the right of appropriation. d. English common law 3. For real estate to be conveyed, there must be an accurate a. fence line b. description. c. soil chemical analysis d water test. 10. Land disputes over the Spanish and Mexican land grants were settled by a. the Board of Land Commissioners b. the State of California c. the Spanish legal code. d. taking all land for public use. 4. 11. A subdivision map is rarely accurate. good only to describe the entire a. b. subdivision. never required a good reference for a legal description 5. In California, the term real estate is synony mous with c. d.

i need the answers two 1,2,3,4 .... 8,9,10,11 with at least a 1 sentence explanation

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