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Question: i need the matlab code for this question please the...

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A boy throws a ball in a vertical line from the top of a building. It is observed that at tl-2 s and t2-3 o, the ball was at heights x1-76 m and x2-50 m, respectively. Find (a) the height of the building, the velocity with which the boy threw the ball, the velocity with which the ball will hit the ground, and the time the ball will take to reach the ground (b) Repeat part (a) for tl 2.4 s and t2-3.4 s.
e Problem 2, follow the following steps: Take the reference coordinate system at the bottom of the building with positive axis in the vertical upward direction. Write the equation x xo vot at the problem. This will give you two equations in terms of two unknowns (xo, vo). If this is not the case, STOP. You may be doing something wrong. Think about the equations and the parameters/variables in them carefully If you cannot find the error, SEE ME Solve these two equations using the Matlab code given above, or the code you have written to find (xo, vo). Do not solve the equations by hand. This will defeat the purpose of using Matlab. We want to learn to formulate the problem, and leave the time consuming algebra for Matlab Use v vó2a(x xo) equation to find v, and thenvvo at to find t Repeat steps 2 to 4 for the second set of conditions. for the first two conditions given in ons: Where your answers corect in your first trial? If not then what mistakes did you make? How did you find those mistakes? Was the code helpful in finding the answers for the second set of conditions? er to Problem 2: (a) x0-98.57 m, v01475 m s, vg --44.001 m s, tg 4.335 s (b) x0-98.375 m, v0 2.449 m s, vg --44.001 m s, tg 4.735 s
I need the matlab code for this question please. The second picture is the order for the steps and hints on how to do it, along with the answers. Thanks.
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