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Question: i need two paragraph of your idea about the following...

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I need two paragraph of your idea about the following:

I believe that nutrition and health are two-fold, and that the process towards betterment of both begins at home. For that reason, I think the most important thing is to educate the parents about what they can do to help their children have better habits for a healthier life. That way, parents have the information needed to both model and implement these habits.

My first suggestion would be regarding nutrition. For that, my recommendation would be for parents and children to eat meals together whenever possible. It’s been found that children who eat their evening meal with their parents have diets higher in fruits, vegetables and grains and lower in sodas and fast food (Berk, 2018, p.295). Parents need to be aware of what they’re feeding not only their children, but themselves as well. If the parents are eating fatty and sugary foods on a regular basis, the odds are that they’re feeding it to their children as well. By sitting down and eating meals together, whenever possible, it will model for the children what healthy eating looks like and what different nutritional foods are available. I am a working mother of two, so I understand how difficult it can be to get a mostly healthy dinner on the table and to get everyone together around it. However, especially nowadays, there are many ways to help make that possible and “quick fixes” to buy to cut corners and make it easier. The benefits of eating together don’t only impact nutrition, they also impact children’s cognitive development. Families who regularly eat meals together have been found to have children who are more advanced in their literacy and language development (Berk, 2018, p. 323).

My second suggestion for families would be making sure that children are remaining more physically active. One major way to do this is to decrease the amount of time children spend in front of a screen, such as a television, computer, etc. In one study, children from ages four to eleven were tracked to see the amount of screen time they had. They found that the more time the child spent in front of a screen, the more body fat they added (Berk, 2018, p. 297). If children are spending their afternoons, evenings and weekends in front of a screen, then they likely are not out running around and being active. Limiting the amount of time permitted for viewing would then give them more time to go outside or participate in something that did not involve sitting in front of a screen. This is another suggestion that parents can not only have their children do, but also model for them. Studies have found that the most effective interventions are those that are family based (Berk, 2018, p. 297). It can be something that families can do together, as both a bonding experience and as a way to promote good health and physical activity levels for all members.   

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