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I need two paragraph of your idea about the following:

It has been stated that a well balanced diet is needed for children to produce enough energy to learn and participate in physical activity which is why it is important to maintain a good, healthy diet. There are many factors that can influence one’s weight and health and eventually lead to obesity. “Obesity is a greater than 20 percent increase over the healthy weight which I based on the body mass index which is a ratio of weight to height associated with body fat. For a child to be considered overweight their BMI would be above the 85th percentile for that age” (Berk, 2018, p.295). Obesity has many risks varying from dangerous to not dangerous. Risks of obesity can include high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, respiratory abnormalities, and many more and some of these can also be pretty good predictors for heart disease, cancer, a sleep disorder, type 2 diabetes, or gall bladder disease (Berk, 2018, p.297)

Saying all of this, one shouldn't fear obesity because obesity is something that can not only be treated but can also be prevented. Here are two recommendations to reduce the risks of obesity.

  1. This first recommendation can be done within the home environment. This involves lowering family stress. When an adult or even a kid is stressed, overwhelmed, or even anxious then that’s when over eating tends to happen. Just think about it. When you are sad you tend to eat junk foods that are high in fat and sugar. In most cases parents who are anxious themselves then anxiously overfeed their child because they see discomfort in their child and interpret that as a desire for food (Berk, 2018, p.296). Saying this, a way to reduce over eating and feeding is to reduce events within an environment that trigger emotions such as anxiety or stress or even sometimes sadness. Emotions play a big role in how we eat and if emotions could be more regulated by individuals then there is a chance that obesity rates could decrease due to people not eating junky food for no reason.
  2. The second recommendation involves screen media. There was a study that found that the more TV children watched, the more body fat they added. “By age 11 children who devoted more that 3 hours a day of TV had 40% more fat than those children who watched 1 ½ hours per day” (Berk, 2018, p.297). Luckily this is one factor that can be monitored very easily and it also goes along with the first recommendation in regards to what kind of food the parents keep in the household. On TV’s, game stations, and cell phones parents can now regulate how much use and screen time that the kid can have. Parents can just go into settings and make the devise turn off after a certain amount of time which can be very beneficial to health and allow the kid to get off the couch and to go engage in physical activity and possibly healthy eating to fuel them. Most times when a kid comes home from school and goes right to the couch to watch TV or play video games for an extended period of time they don’t usually grab food out of the pantry that is too healthy for you. Instead they would grab something high in fat or sugar such as chips or any kind of junk food that can be found in their pantry. But overall limiting screen time can be seen to be beneficial in reducing risks for being overweight or obese.
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