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Question: i need you to check what i have for this...

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I need you to check what i have for this discussion post and need some oppinions about it :

......HERE IS THE GIVEN DISCUSSION .................

"A primary part of the scientific method is to analyze facts and to draw conclusions based on them. Unfortunately, this portion of science can be subject to interpretation. Conclusions that are drawn based on the same facts may be different among scientists. It should not be difficult to believe that conclusions based on a different set of facts may be even more different.

So, whose conclusions do we use and why? What makes one scientist more credible than another? What makes one source more credible than another? How can we tell when information is reliable?

Credibility has to do with the author or source of the information, but it is generally unrelated to the information itself.
Reliability has to do with the information/facts/measurements themselves, and it can be based, in part, on the credibility of the source or author.

For example - measurements are more reliable with increased accuracy and precision. But the reliability of the same information would be considered less reliable coming from a 5th grader than from a doctor or a professor.

In today's internet age, credibility and reliability are very important - how can you tell that the website you are visiting is credible and that the information is reliable?

For the this discussion board:

  1. List the two most important factors (to you) that can help determine the credibility of a source of information; and
  2. List the two most important factors (to you) that can help determine the reliability of information that is presented."



......................HERE IS MY POST ABOUT THIS DISCUSSION .................

How can i improve this post and explain more details please

1. To determine if information is credible, you should look at the author and the date it was published. Researching the author of the material will give you some background on them to determine if they are knowledgeable in that area. It is also important to look at the date that something was published in order to determine if it is recent. If it is old then it may not be accurate as a piece that is more recent.

2. To determine if information is reliable, you should look at potential bias and the source. It is important to look at potential bias that the author may have towards a subject. If an author is biased, they may insert their opinion into the material and try to persuade the reader rather than simply inform. The source is also important to look at as it may not be reliable. For example, websites ending in .edu or .gov will likely be more reliable than ones that end in .com. These types of websites are also more likely to have well informed authors.

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