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  3. i only need parts g to k thanks...

Question: i only need parts g to k thanks...

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I only need parts g to k. Thanks!
1. (46 pts) Determine whether each of the following signal is periodic. If the signal is periodic, find its fundamental period. (a) x(t) = 4, a constant signal. (b) Give an example to show the relationship between the fundamental period and fundamental frequency, Fo = 1/10, that does not hold for discrete-time signals. (c) x(t) 28e(400t) (d) n 28e(400n) (e) (t) 10 sin(5t) 4cos(7t) () n 10sin(5n)- 4cos(7n) (g) 2(t) = cos(30 sin( ) (h) x(t) = tejt (i) x[n] = ej(m/v/2) (j) z[n] = cos n2) (Pay attention to the square) (k) x [n]- =-oo δ[n-k] (k is an integer)
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